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Do you have fairies living at the bottom of your garden? Or more importantly, would you like them to live there?

Choose a tree or a bush in your special place, somewhere where the fairies can make a home. Then, sprinkle a little fairydust around the bottom of the tree and make a wish... use the little key to make a 'key hole' in the tree and then hang the little organza bag on a branch. Then, hopefully, the very next time you go back to the tree.. maybe the fairies will have left a little coin or keepsake for the fairy in training! Dont forget, they won't come out in the cold or wind (or if you're watching)!

A perfect gift for any little budding fairy (or pixie.. boys like them too!) and would also make a great gift for a birthday, christening, bridesmaid, flowergirl or 'thank you' present... or just for the fun of it! A magical item to have at nanni's house as a special treat!

These delightful fairy dust gifts make unusual party bag fillers and wedding favours (for the older fairies)!

How about a little gift from the Tooth Fairy instead of a coin?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a fairy will come to live in your garden... maybe an adult can help with the 'little fairy gifts' instead to avoid disappointment!

This cute bottle of genuine 'magic' fairydust is a must have for any little girl, boy or aspiring fairy! The little personalised glass bottle is filled with the most sparkly, magical fairydust gathered from the fairies living in the bottom of our garden and corked to keep the magic safe inside! Strung from a beautifully delicate ribbon necklace, this pretty fairy accessory is perfect for your little fairy to wear with pride! Your fairy dust will come with its very own little fairy key and will be presented on a gorgeous vintage style sparkly heart gift tag, inside a pretty organza bag.

Bottle of Magical Fairydust

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